Sewing a Goat Kid Coat

Added on June 1st, 2011 (Articles/Information)

By Christine Kocourek

What you need:

  • Polar fleece remnant (liner)
  • Canvas, denim, corduroy, or upholstery type material (outer)
  • Knit material (stretchy)
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


This will make a size small kid coat and will fit a kid weighing roughly seven to nine pounds.

  1. Using photos as reference:
    Cut from knit material a 5.75” x 11.5” rectangle. The fabric should stretch the long way. This will be your neck band.
    Cut one kid coat from the outer material and a matching kid coat from the liner material. I suggest sketching out the pattern on a piece of butcher paper and pinning the pattern to the fabric. Measurements on diagram are in inches. 3.75” for back slope. 11” along back and folded material. 6” along neck. 3.75” on vertical chest. 14” along bottom line.
  2. Using a 0.5” seam allowance now and throughout stitching, sew short ends of knit material together to form a tube. Fold knit fabric in half, turning the seam to the inside. With right sides of fabric together, stitch liner chest and butt seams. With right sides of fabric together, stitch outer material’s chest and butt seams.
    Matching knit neck seam to chest seam on liner, pin ragged edges of knit neck to neck of liner. You will have to lightly stretch the knit material to fit around the liner’s neck opening. Stitch around neck opening, making sure to sew both ragged edges of knit neck to liner. When finished stitching, turn right side out.
  3. Matching edges and with right sides of fabric together, fit liner into outer material. Pin bottom edges. Stitch around bottom edge.
  4. Turn coat right side out, using the open neck seam. Stitch a top stitch around bottom edge to finish the edge nicely. A 0.25” seam is fine.
  5. Fold 0.5” outer layer of fabric around neck seam over, tucking the ragged edge to the inside. Pin over the ragged seamed edge of the liner and knit neck, hiding the seams from view. Sew.
  6. To make belly band, cut a piece of knit material 5.75” x 7”. The fabric should stretch the long way (7” way.) Fold in half the long way and stitch. Turn right side out, creating a tube with the seams to the inside.
  7. Pin each ragged short side of the belly band tube to the liner of the coat on each coat side, 2.5” inches from finished bottom edge. Sew across belly band tube top on each side, securing belly band to coat. Stitch several times – this seam gets a lot of stress from playful kids.

Congratulations! You’ve just finished your first goat coat. Granted, there are simpler methods to making coats, but a well-finished item such as this will endure many years of hard washing and use.