April doodlings

Christine Kocourek

Hi all -

We're still waiting for one of our milk goats, Kenna, to have her babies. She is as a big as a house and groans every time she gets up but so far, no kiddos.

We'll be weaning some of the early born kids soon and the boys will be off to their new 4-H families.

One indoor farm market is left for us - Apr 15th - Sheboygan's market on Bluff Avenue across from Volrath Park. I will also be driving down to my aunt's coffee shop, Le Cafe Bistro in Waukesha, the end of the month (Apr 29th) for a craft fair. I don't bring soap bars with me unless they are preordered because their scents compete with the coffee. So if you are looking to pick up bar soap while I am in Waukesha, please call or email in advance and I will set aside your order for you. I will be bringing lotions, lip balms, fizzies, etc.

And that ties up April.


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