Wedding / Shower Favors

Christine Kocourek

Yes - we can do custom orders for wedding and shower favors.

Most people select our $1 bars. If you haven't seen them at one of our events, their face side is about 4" x 2" and they weigh 1.5 oz. We can work with you to create a custom label.

Please email if you are interested.

Things we need to know up front:

1. When is the event?

The bars need 1 month to cure before they can be wrapped and ready to go. If your event is less than 1 month away, contact us and we can let you know what bar scents we may already have made up.

2. How many bars do you need?

3. What scent or scents would you like?

Have something particular in mind? Email us, we have worked with that scent before and have it squirreled away.

4. What colors would you like the various scents swirled with (no color is fine too)?

Some bars are naturally dark - cedar & saffron, for instance, and they will not show off color or a swirl.

Colors we can do: copper (mica), blue (ultramarine), pink (rose clay), yellow (Brazilian clay), purple (Brazilian clay), green (sea clay), white (titanium dioxide), black (bamboo activated charcoal).

I can swirl up to 3 colors - any more than that and the colors tend to muddy in that size of bar.

Things we need to know eventually:

1. What do you want printed on your label?

Examples: Bob & Judy 12/12/17

From Sarah's shower to yours!

2. Do you want a graphic on your label?

Flowers, ducks, umbrellas, etc. We'll see what we can find for you.

3. Are you looking for a label in a particular color?

Natural shades tend to look best with the bars.

4. Font (your lettering) - whimsical, formal, handwritten, italics, etc

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