Goat Milk Laundry Soap


We grind up our goat milk soap and mix it with Borax and washing soda.

Safe for high efficiency or front loading machines. The amount you use depends on your machine and the dirtiness of the laundry. My mother has a front loading machine and uses about 1 TBS tossed directly into the drum with clothes. I am doing farm laundry and using a top loading machine; I use about 3 TBS per load.

For cold loads, I like to dissolve the soap in a little bit of warm water before dumping it in with the laundry to ensure I don't get white spots on my darks.

Scented is a mix of all of our soaps. Unscented we use either our plain jane bar or our olive & aloe bar.

Small: Compostable container. Net wt: 24 oz 

Large: Resealable plastic bag. Net wt. 48 oz 


Photo © Heidi Dalberg Photography