Goat Yoga at the Farm

Goat Yoga at the Farm

Why Goat Yoga?
Goat yoga is perfect for anyone 16 years and older wanting a mammoth dose of fun while appreciating the simple pleasures of nature.

Our goats will definitely add an extra element of laugher and joy to your yoga experience.

Goat yoga sessions with our baby and adult goats are approximately 60 minutes in length with the last 15 minutes allowing time to cuddle with our adorable goats and snap some memorable photos!

The farm shop will also be open in case you'd like to pick up a memento or some goat milk soaps and lotions. Our other animals will be available for viewing as well (chickens, turkeys, yaks, llama, calves, mule, donkey, cats)

This is NOT your ordinary yoga class!
Because goats have no agenda except to eat, sleep, play, and repeat, goat yoga follows no specific schedule:
Just as you listen to your body’s abilities during yoga, we listen to what the goats want and adapt the yoga practice accordingly; the goats determine the pace and movement of each yoga session.

What to Expect:
Be prepared for goat interactions!
-Goats are extremely curious and playful creatures who like to climb and jump on things, including people!
-Please tie back longer hair so the goats aren’t as tempted to nibble on it!
-Wearing shiny and/or dangly jewelry is not advised.
-This is GOAT yoga on a FARM, so please dress accordingly, as you may get dirty.

Meet your goat yoga instructor:
Dr. Sally Radke
After decades working as a nurse practitioner in a neonatal intensive care unit environment, Sally has discovered the sense of peace, inner calm, and balance that all types of yoga offers.

Since becoming a certified yoga instructor in 2021, Sally has taught many different yoga classes, including gentle yoga, restorative yoga, and paddle board yoga. She has also taught and is certified as a prenatal yoga instructor.

“I love that yoga is a non-judgemental activity, allowing a person to work on self acceptance and being the best self you want to be.. With yoga, I have learned to not take myself so seriously and to just be in the present moment.”

Sally has a great sense of adventure, and enjoys traveling and nature photography. She is a fierce advocate for animals and has three fur babies of her own: two elderly rescue cats and a sweet recently rescued chi mix dog, that you may see at one of her classes.

Space is limited so sign up now for this fun and interactive yoga class that will not disappoint! Age of participants is 16 and older. This is a rain or shine event.

2023 Goat Yoga Dates:
May 6
June 24
July 15
August 5

Please be courteous to the goats and your fellow yogis and be on time (15 minutes prior to your session would be great!)

Cost: $20*
*All yoga sessions are non-refundable.
Yoga participants who have cancelled a paid session may be eligible for a make up session, based on availability.
No refunds or make up sessions for no shows.

What to Bring:
-Yoga Mat (there will be a limited number of mats available for a $5 rental fee; please specify if you will be requesting a rental yoga mat when signing up).
-Water bottle 
-Small towel
-Hand sanitizer
-Headband/hair band
-A sense of humor!