The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff

This is our salve. It contains four times as much goat milk as our lotion. It is available in a scoopable tinted jar - a little goes a long way.

We originally formulated it as a wound cream for our donkey who gets nasty bug bites in the summer. The ingredients help repel bugs. 

It works great on people and animals (not cats and not in reach of licking off) on those hard to heal spots. I use it for cracked heels and fingertips. That said, it has a very distinct, not very pleasant, smell to it.

Ingredients: fresh raw goats milk, aloe vera liquid, avocado oil, BTMS (vegetable based emulsifier), rice bran oil, vegetable glycerin, vegetable based stearic acid, DL Panthenol, organic neem oil, organic olive oil, hydrolyzed oats, a preservative, sea buckthorn berry oil, organic tea tree/lavender/patchouli essential oils